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- classes for all levels in Edinburgh and West Lothian

Welcome to Get In Padel, your destination for experiencing the exciting world of padel in the Edinburgh area. We are dedicated to bringing the sport of padel to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities.
We currently offer padel coaching sessions at
  • Hatton Sports Club, convenient for West Lothian, Balerno, Currie and Juniper Green
  • David Lloyd Edinburgh Shawfair
  • Game4Padel Edinburgh Park
  • Game4Padel Colinton (Thistle Padel & Tennis Club)

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Why Play Padel?

Padel originated in Mexico in the late 1960's and has been sweeping the world with its popularity ever since, especially in recent years. The sport boasts an impressive number of players worldwide - in Spain alone there are an estimated 3.5 million players.

So what makes padel so captivating? One of its key attractions is the social aspect of the game, as it is predominantly played in doubles, providing an excellent opportunity to bond with friends and family and to forge new connections with different partners.

Another reason behind its widespread appeal is its beginner-friendly nature. Even newcomers to the sport find it relatively easy to pick up, thanks to its straightforward rules.

Furthermore, the unique court setup enhances the excitement of padel. Played on a smaller court than tennis and surrounded by glass walls and wire mesh on all sides, rallies tend to last longer than in tennis, resulting in an excellent aerobic exercise session.

However there’s only one way to discover the appeal of padel and that’s to come along and try it for yourself!

Padel Lessons at Hatton, Shawfair, Colinton and Edinburgh Park

Whether you're curious about padel, looking to improve your skills, or seeking a fun and engaging sport to stay fit and meet people, Get In Padel is here to help you get started. We offer classes for all levels from complete beginner to advanced.
  • All levels from complete beginner to advanced
  • Small groups (max. 4 people)
  • Join on your own or form a group with friends
  • Adult and junior sessions
  • Rackets and equipment provided


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